Alpha Gamma Delta ensures that while we are experiencing all the wonderful opportunities UBC and the Greek System have to offer, we also remember the reason why we are at UBC in the first place: to receive an education. Our members constantly strive to surpass expectations in all aspects of their lives, and scholarship is no exception. Members receive support in their academic endeavours not only through other members in the form of Study Hours, but through incentive programs we have in place within the chapter; such as Strive for Pi and Smart Cookie. Strive for Pi is an award given to members who attain a GPA over 3.14 for the semester—an award that is often given to at least half of our members each semester! Smart Cookie is a fun incentive program in which members who achieve an ‘A’ on an assignment or test receive a cookie at that week’s meeting. Members who qualify can also apply for scholarships from The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation.

Some of our members also choose to study abroad with UBC’s GoGlobal program. GoGlobal is a competitive program that matches students up with international universities. Our Alpha Gams have travelled to places like Australia, Spain, and Denmark!