Message from Our President

“Inspire the woman. Impact the world.”

21441921_10159250178535023_247575725_n.jpgTo my newest friends and to my truest friends,

when I think about Alpha Gamma Delta, I think about you. I think about all of the women I’ve met in my four years as an Alpha Gam; those women have been my role models, my best friends, my classmates, my biggest fans, my soulmates, my comic relief, and my sisters.

The women that make up Alpha Gamma Delta are leaders on campus, with nearly half of our members in executive positions in AMS Clubs, student societies, and the UBC Alma Mater Society. They are also involved in Co-op positions, Work Learns, and internships across Vancouver. One of my best friends and pledge sister, Midori, was recently offered a full time Software Development position after graduation as a continuation of her Co-op position. She is creating, and thriving and doing something that she loves; when I think about Alpha Gamma Delta, I think about her.

There are also sisters starting their own philanthropic campaigns, lending their time to UBC Children’s Hospital, Quest Food Exchange, and the UBC campus at large to impact the world. My beautiful little, Shoshana, started a campaign called Tabs Off to collect pop can tabs and donate them to an organization that recycles them and makes wheelchairs for those in need. She collected over 9,000 tabs! My good friend, Yuki, runs the Christmas Card campaign at the Vancouver Children’s hospital to fundraise for their new initiatives. Shoshana and Yuki are making a difference, they are impacting their community for the better; when I think about Alpha Gamma Delta, I think about them.

Alpha Gamma Delta women also have one of the highest Panhellenic GPAs, and even more, they are consistently winning scholarships, and academic awards from our International headquarters and their respective faculties. The vice-president and my sweet friend, Ashley, has won scholarships from the Faculty of Kinesiology for the past two years because of her high academic average and incredible involvement in UBC REC, KIN Games and our own chapter. She is more than involved, she is dedicated and a role model to me and everyone she knows; when I think about Alpha Gamma Delta, I think about her.

One of the most valuable working parts of being an Alpha Gam is working together to leave a legacy. We have several sisters playing intramural and varsity sports and even greater, our chapter has won the UBC REC Female Hindmarch award every year for the past 12 years and the Panhellenic Sports Award for the past 18. In the past three years, we have won Best All Around Sorority twice. This past year marked the third year in a row to win the coveted Songfest trophy at Order of Omega’s Songfest. One of my best friends, Marie-Soleil, and her little, Sophie, combined their love of and talent in tap dance to perform a duet halfway through our team’s performance of Moulin Rouge. I have never heard a crowd cheer so loud; when I think about Alpha Gamma Delta, I think about them.

I am proud of these women, they are the ones who I know will change the campus, the community and the world. I admire them not because they are Alpha Gams but because they are pushing the boundaries of success, living in their failures, creating a legacy, inspiring others, these women are putting in work to get what they want and we are doing it together. Lifting each other onward and upward to be the radical, badass women that they want to be and in many cases, already are.

And then there is you. You are our supporter, our friend, you are driven and rad too and excited and dedicated and passionate. You might be researching UBC Sororities and you came across Alpha Gam and you want to know more! Thank you for wanting to know more and reading this long letter about my feelings and the impressive women of our chapter (disclaimer: there are many more than mentioned here). We have spent all summer waiting to get to know you and let me tell you, I am so darn excited; not because I am looking forward to getting dressed up and meeting new friends (although I am). No. It is because you might be my sister or my best friend one day and you are the one I’m leaving my legacy to and because when I think about Alpha Gamma Delta, I think about you.

With love and loyalty,

Katelyn Roberts
President of the Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta