Q: Will joining a sorority be too expensive to afford?
A: Joining a sorority is a financial investment. But while dues aren’t cheap, they are affordable with a bit of planning. Many members work part-time or have summer jobs to save up for sorority-related fees. The dues that each member pays go a long way in creating unique opportunities and experiences, including athletic events, retreats, sorority apparel, socials and formals, and much more! All in all, Alpha Gamma Delta is an investment which will continue to pay off in your college years and beyond.

Q: I’m involved in other organizations on campus. Will a sorority take up too much of my time?
A: In our chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, we encourage members to be involved in many facets of campus life. In fact, rather than competing with other involvements, AGD strives to support its members in their many endeavors. Our members are involved in many organizations simultaneously, including the AMS, AUS, UBC A Cappella, Varsity sports teams, and more. Whether you’re running a show, a campaign, or a race, there will always be sisters by your side to cheer you on and celebrate your achievements outside of Alpha Gam.

Q: Will I get hazed when I join a sorority?
A: Absolutely not. All sororities under the National Panhellenic Conference, including every chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, abide by a strict non-hazing policy. In your new member period, you will get to know your new sisters through coffee dates, sisterhood retreats, and other Greek events. Joining AGD is about having fun and realizing your full potential with the help of your sisters, while contributing your strengths to a network of inspirational women, and hazing is not tolerated in any way.

Q: Will joining a sorority impact my grades?
A: Yes, but for the better! In Alpha Gamma Delta, all members maintain a minimum GPA in order to remain active in the chapter. Our chapter has multiple resources to ensure that every member gets the support she needs in her studies, including study groups, study buddies, and academic advice from older members and alumnae. Our Vice President Scholarship is responsible for making sure that all members are academically successful, and develops one-on-one study plans with any sisters who are looking to improve their grades. Plus, with our weekly Smart Cookie program, you’ll get a sweet motivational treat for earning those A’s.

Q: What makes Alpha Gamma Delta different from other chapters on campus?
A: Alpha Gamma Delta is where each one of our members has found a home away from home. When you participate in Formal Recruitment, it may seem like all the chapters blend together as they share similar values and participate in the same events. There is no single answer to what is different about AGD – each member feels this in a way unique to them. You might meet a sister who you immediately see as a role model and somebody you strive to be, you might be drawn to our enthusiastic participation in all aspects of Greek life (especially in athletics and philanthropy events), or you might just have that special gut feeling when everything clicks and you find that AGD is where you belong. No matter what, we put in 100% into everything we do, and that includes making sure that each member realizes the potential of Alpha Gamma Delta and benefits from it.

For more information about recruitment, take a look at the UBC Sororities’s website

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