In the Delta Zeta chapter at the University of British Columbia for Alpha Gamma Delta, the young women representing this women’s fraternity invest an incredible amount of time and effort into their involvement in activities and extracurriculars around campus. Being a small organization on such a large campus can at first seem daunting, but Alpha Gamma Delta has exceeded far beyond their expectations when it comes to creating a strong and admirable presence. They have continued to excel throughout the years in a plethora of different aspects. From attending almost every event that UBC REC has to offer, to showing copious amounts of Thunderbird spirit, there is never a dull moment with these young ladies. Never afraid to attempt new feats, Alpha Gams can be found in a variety of sports and activities, regardless of their experience level.

It’s been a common goal that has brought every Alpha Gam so much closer in the past school year to get involved in the surrounding community and maintain a noteworthy reputation. Showing endless enthusiasm for every event that UBC REC has offered, our efforts have paid off. We managed to finish first in the iconic UBC REC events Day of the Longboat and The Chase. In addition, Alpha Gamma Delta ended the year with the most amount of sports points out of every sorority in the Hindmarch Division, and came close to outscoring every fraternity. This was attained by coming in first place in women’s indoor soccer, both corec and women’s outdoor soccer, and corec basketball. To say we are motivated would be an understatement. I continue to look forward to what the women of Alpha Gamma Delta will accomplish in the future.